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The hardest part was facing my boyfriend, who opposes abortion.All the same, I felt stronger and more mature afterwards.” Image © Laia Abril.Photographing the harsh realities of post-war life in the Balkans not long after starting out, she realised she was “never going to be able to understand” the region. It may be that the exhibition and series has not yet reached a wide enough international platform; she had hoped to display it in Ireland this year but was refused space by all the galleries she approached (“Even those that liked my work”).“So I started working on stories that were closer to me,” she says. I am gay — I don’t want to talk about how I got pregnant. But she also believes it is partly due to the illegality of abortion and that women are scared to come forward and share their experiences.There’s always a risk.” For Abril, looking back is necessary to “highlight the long, continuous erosion of women’s reproductive rights”.

At least we can talk about it.” As she prepares to manifest this first chapter in a book, published by Dewi Lewis this summer, she starts work on the second episode with the working title of .

The subjects she tackles are complex and provocative, but ones she is able to connect with by way of female empathy, “where I can be involved emotionally”, she says.

Her most extensive work to date explores the struggle of eating disorders and is divided into chapters, starting with a short film titled , which follows an American family in the aftermath of losing their daughter to bulimia.

“Every time I tried to talk about female issues or any kind of situation that I saw was not right, I was confronted with people telling me that it was in the past and it doesn’t apply to the situation we are in now.

But just because something is now the law, that doesn’t mean it’s fine.

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