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Some dry cat food is meant to be eaten completely dry, while other dry cat food can be pre-moistened before you serve it (usually the package will indicate which is which).

As well, if you have a kitten or a senior cat with sensitive teeth and gums, moistening any brand of dry cat food will make it both tastier and much easier to eat.

Rather, they describe just a handful of the new gourmet cuisine meal options being offered for pet cats!

Believe it or not, these are not entrees from a world-class new eatery.

According to the Pet Food Manufacturer’s Association (PFMA), there are two main cat food categories: complete and complementary.

Complete Cat Food This type of cat food offers a full complement of nutrients your pet cat needs daily. Complementary Cat Food This type of cat food is usually reserved for treats.

Now, within these two main categories of “complete” and “complementary,” let’s next take a brief look at the three main types of cheap cat food.

At the WHISKAS® brand we understand what your cat naturally needs and loves.

That's why we use delicious, nutritious ingredients she'll instinctively love.

Your cat is relying on you to pick out cat food cheap that you can afford and he will love, and we will guide you in how to do that here.

But first, we thought it might be helpful to offer a brief overview of the terminology used in the cat food industry today, including an explanation of what the most common terms mean so you will be able to identify the major categories and types of cat food.

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All WHISKAS® cat food recipes are carefully prepared to give your cat everything she naturally needs at each stage of her life, keeping her happy and healthy from kitten through to senior.

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