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Talking at an 11 January 1982, town hall meeting organized by the new citizen's group Partners in Progress, Copithorne warned that further development would be inevitable along the Trans-Canada Highway corridor.He called for a new general plan to ensure that further additions would be "high-class".There are many other rides that are unique to the park.Calaway Park currently has 33 rides, 22 food stalls, 27 games, and covers 90 acres (0.36 km Calaway Park's attractions are geared to a wide range of ages, with variety ranging from soft playgrounds to thrill rides.

Simultaneously, Municipal Affairs Minister Marvin Moore was considering further Municipal District representation for the Springbank and Bearspaw areas, a request triggered by residents after high population growth.

SAG would probably concede if the APB voted against them, but would be able to appeal the ruling in the courts should the APB rule against the park.

Bill Copithorne, the sole dissenting vote in the Municipal District's initial approval, was now the Rocky View reeve.

A proposed commercial strip would include a motel and RV campground.

The director of the Calgary Regional Planning Commission disagreed with Copithorne's statement of "inevitability"; a hearing on the motel and campground were scheduled for 22 January.

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Without the ability to ask the Alberta Planning Board (APB) themselves, the Springbank Action Group (SAG) asked in February 1981 that the Calgary Regional Planning Commission or Rocky View school board refer the matter to the APB, using recent legislation that allowed it to settle the situation.

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