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"It's pathetic," says Bernadette Mc Menamin of Ecpat, an international network that campaigns against child prostitution.

The tourism ministry estimates that one-quarter of Cambodia's annual 400,000 visitors – who include 18,000 Britons – are sex tourists.

Gary Glitter, the former pop star and convicted child pornographer, recently reappeared in Phnom Penh after being hounded out of the country last year.

Lord Puttnam, the British film producer who evoked the horrors of the genocidal Khmer Rouge regime in his 1984 film The Killing Fields, plans to highlight the problem of child exploitation when he returns to Cambodia this week in his new role as president of Unicef UK.

They become virtual sex slaves: locked up, beaten and forced to service up to 10 men a day, often without condoms. Afesip rescued an eight-year-old girl who was sold by her mother after being raped by her stepfather and nine other men.Svay Pak does not figure in any guidebook, but by late afternoon the squalid shanty town on the outskirts of the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh, is thronged with Western men.The tourists lounge on plastic chairs in the shade, drinking Angkor beer and surveying the scenery: young girls, barely 11 or 12, wearing low-cut tops and come-hither smiles.There is no political will to crack down on child prostitution; in fact, Mr Legros claims one cabinet minister is involved in the trade. Ms Mc Menamin says Cambodia's sex tourists are seasoned travellers looking for new frontiers. That had to rank as one of dumbest questions in the history of modern journalism.

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Many women find it a preferable, if distasteful, alternative.

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  2. Who sends food and money to countries that we shouldnt give two shits about? I'm always amazed at the PC patronizing tone when it come to race, gender and sex orientation in POF. Maybe the non-American women you meet are used to more . I'm always amazed at the PC patronizing tone when it come to race, gender and sex orientation in POF.