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Aside from many original inventions, the Chinese were also early original pioneers in the discovery of natural phenomena which can be found in the human body, the environment of the world, and the immediate solar system. The list below contains discoveries which found their origins in China.Han Dynasty (202 BC – 220 AD) paintings on tile of Chinese guardian spirits representing 11 pm to 1 am (left) and 5 am to 7 am (right); the ancient Chinese, although discussing it in supernatural terms, acknowledged circadian rhythm within the human body Each bronze bell of Marquis Yi of Zeng (433 BC) bears an inscription describing the specific note it plays, its position on a 12-note scale, and how this scale differed from scales used by other Chinese states of the time; before this discovery in 1978, the oldest known surviving Chinese tuning set came from a 3rd-century BC text (which alleges was written by Guan Zhong, d.

Also saying that her ex boyfriend would check her phone shouldn't raise suspicion. If you like her, then get to know her and enjoy each moment it brings. No matter How improbable your chosen mate is, you won't have to worry about loyalty or betrayal.

Hey JT, I'm a Scorpio Dog Lady and after reading your story, just wanted to share some insight on what you are asking about.

First of all, if your going to really want something to happen with you and your love interest then you should start by giving her the benefit of the doubt.

These personalities seem to attract friends like a magnet, as their open and demonstrative natures make them very approachable.

These Scorpios are able to apply for most kinds of jobs that are people-oriented, as they have the perfect personality for these sort of positions.

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