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Deseamos dedicar este foro a todos ustedes, nuestros mas apreciados foristas y les exhortamos a que mantengamos un foro de altura respetando las opiniones e idiosincrasia de todos los participantes del mismo. Puerto Rico quiere corona de MU, firma aqui x__________________________ [ Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] Replies: y antes de que vengan las arpias de acusarme de lo que no soy, PERSONALMENTE y con todo respeto , le deseo los mejores de los exitos a Desire Lowry, ella es una mujer luchadora y trabajadora con mucho talento, ciertamente es que la admiro muchisimo y es una de mis Miss PR favoritas, a ella le robaron la corona en MU 1995, he dicho.

When she hears of his confession, she immediately turns herself in, insisting that SHE did the deed! There are so many subplots I can't begin to address them. AFTER marriage...* 4) Inlaws derail the relationship so she bails* 5) Lost in the big city* 6) She meets "real" father but doesn't know it* 7) He loves this unknown young woman but she makes him think of his long-lost daughter* 8) He becomes Pygmalion/Professor Higgins to her Galatea/Eliza Doolittle, teaches her table manners, etiquette, fashion, deportment and business courses* 9) She picks up the reins of his companies and starts kicking butt and taking names* 10) At the casino, her father comes to fix things but unbeknownst to him, his real daughter has already stepped in and run an audit* 11) Her lover is soooo confused ...., but always loves her.Memorable moments: When that awful Lucia (Elizabeth Álvarez) makes her pick up the heirloom necklace from the mud with her teeth we hope she will never, ever be so humiliated again! But then again, Maricruz does a pretty good job of revenge.Will the love that she and Octavio once shared be rekindled and prove strong enough to tame a vengeful heart? I was surprised to watch this telenovela because I didn't know that Maricruz (Ana Brenda Contreras) was going to be so revengeful most of this show.My mom and I watched some of this Telenovela (soap opera) on TV, but once I bought and received this 4 discs' telenovela, I was soo incredibly disappointed to see that a lot, and I mean A LOT of scenes are edited out. When my Mom and I watched this on TV, I saw her attitude and was attracted by her strong will and a fighter in life doing just, but after watching this on DVDs, I was slightly disappointed to see her get revenge.

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(The two leads are particularly effective.)I saw this DVD from the city library, then immediately ordered my own private copy from Amazon.

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