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With that said ,"sure" you can hire us to clean up your beach community in Santa Cruz.

We dont need federal jurisdiction down here in Seal Beach to enforce federal law.

Might not be relevant to the crime, but when we look at the makeup of our prisons today, it is a huge factor. It aligns the people that really need it with folks who are looking for recreation together. If I had issues such as you described, I would try to take anything and everything that made my life a little better.

Things such as this are one of the reasons that our newspaper industry is on it's last legs. People have stopped reading them for many reasons, but this is one of the biggies.

We were monogamous in the '80s, exchanged rings and declared ourselves married-- Duane: And our gay friends would say, "You can't do that! That's what straight people do." It seemed like they wanted us to be single and have many partners. This was back when the steroidal-Chelsea-boy look was "in," and we lived in Chelsea, but I looked like a skinny lesbian.

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Dick and Duane, the husband-and-husband comedy team. To a little gay boy, that was the greatest thing, you know, the freedom and the choices we had. We are the "DECIDERS" of all laws and we have the"POWER" to prove it.Medical marijuana isnt legal federally ,so we get to enforce federal law. Here in Seal Beach , WE ARE THE LAW POTHEADS Maybe those folks in Seal Beach saw this story. A woman in Mansfield, La., told police that her boyfriend was "acting strange" all day -- wandering around a housing complex they were visiting and eating dog food.I actually remember saying that to myself as a kid. It had stories and songs that taught kids to ignore the old-fashioned gender stereotypes. AIDS had a huge impact on what people thought of the gay community. Congeniality in high school because I got along with the jocks, the band nerds, the potheads and the brains. There were these two drag queens, Kevin and Arthur, who said, "You have to meet Andy [Warhol], because you look just like him." They took me to the upper level where all the stars were and sat me in his lap. Richie: Well, we often do sexual stuff when we perform live. Like, "If you're gay, you must have a death wish." But in the '70s it was very different. We were just watching -- Richie: We're currently obsessed with that show. There's a gay couple on the show, and they're talking about marriage rights and federal benefits, and that's in 1976! Then AIDS hit, the conversation changed, and we were all thrown back. It seemed like everyone was high on who knows what, and I was just thinking, "This is fun! We will get married, but not until Section 2 of DOMA is repealed. The way where I'm in charge and you fuck me whenever I tell you to. So it was just a natural progression that we started doing it on stage.

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