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1844-c.1900 14 pages OPR extracts and census material.

BEATON see BALFOUR BEATTIE see MUTRIE BECKETT 1 AYR. Mc CULLOCH BECKETT -c.1987 T C 7 pages Large family tree detailing the family, many of whom worked in India. BELFORD see Mc ILWRICK BELGIUM see ANHALT BELL of GODSBRIDGE 1694-1970 T Pedigree with notes; photocopies of portraits; Memorials of the clan Bell of Kirkconnel and Blackethouse, chiefs of the name.

1333-1633 T C 4 pages Brief notes and thoughts on the name.

BARRAS see BARWISE BARRETT see THURSTON BARRIE AYR 1767-c1900 T C BARTHOLOMEW see LESLIE 2 BARTLETT South London 1824-1993 T 1 page BARTLETT see LUCAS BARTON Airth c.1513 1 page Small scrap of paper with a few notes. BARWISE CBD 1274-1822 T Extensive birth extracts from parish registers. BELL BASKERVILLE 1194-1700 LT 1 page The family of Baskerville of Eardsley. 1823-1971 1 page Pedigree chart mentioning: EDDINGTON. ZIMMERMAN BATHGATE see MATHESON 2 BATTISON RFW 1824-1889 Also mentioned ARROL. ADAMS ANS 1862-1866 C Ship's Master and mate's certificates for William Adams. ADDISON WLN 1813 - 1894 T AFFLECK 1848 AGNEW of Lochnaw WIG 1330 - 1975 An A4 booklet of 25 pages, compiled mainly from secondary sources, by Sir Crispin Agnew of Lochnaw. CAI 1500 - 1988 T 6 pages Alexander in Cadder; in Ireland; of Menstrie. Extract of the birth certificate of Helen Alexander 1855. USA 1688-1956 T Contains reference to JOHNSTONE of Annandale & SCOTT of Harden. c.1600 - 1750 Burnfoot & Garpel 1740 - c.1800 Mainshill 1675 - 1748 Maryburgh c.1700 - 1839 ADAMS LKS/RFW 1809 - 1993 T Pedigree sheets and Family Group Sheets. ROSS 1 ADAMSON AYR 1750 - 1850 T ADAMSON & GLEN DFS 1869 - 1964 T C A collection of births, marriages and deaths. Anderson of Candraig 1581-1928; of Woodsyde 1583-1747; also in Abirlot, Greenford and Carnoustie. WLN 1646-1979 T C Research notes from OPR and census. Typescript pedigree of the Bell family of Kilduncan and Bonnyton, Fife and also of Dundee.

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