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The two are attacked by Cybermen and the Doctor attempts to fight them off with a cutlass, but the Next Doctor kills them using electrical discharge from the infostamps.

The two Doctors regroup with Rosita at the Next Doctor's base, where the Next Doctor claims his "TARDIS" is located.

In further excerpts, Davies commented, "The best title for this episode would be The Two Doctors... Davies, from a writer's standpoint, was also unhappy with the final scene in the episode where the Doctor gets rid of the Cyberking with the convenient Dalek dimension vault but during the writing process he couldn't think of another way to stop London being crushed by a giant robot.

The Doctor suspects that Jackson had encountered the Cybermen and used the infostamps, containing knowledge of the Doctor, to ward them off.

Before they depart, Jackson enquires after the Doctor's many companions, and the Doctor replies that in the end, "..break my hearts," they move on, and he is left alone.

The pair then head off for a Christmas dinner in honour of those they have lost.

"The Next Doctor" is the first of the 2008–2010 specials of the British science fiction television programme Doctor Who that was broadcast on 25 December 2008, as the fourth Doctor Who Christmas special of the revived series.

In the episode, the Doctor visits Victorian era London during Christmas and meets a man claiming to be a future incarnation of the Doctor.

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