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Because 6teen has continuity between episodes, rather than being a show without continuity, this led to a fair amount of confusion for first-time viewers.In addition, due to the slightly more lenient Canadian TV ratings system, the series is always rated G there, but Cartoon Network's rating for 6teen is either TV-PG or TV-PG-D, due to the more restrictive American broadcast ratings.He was in a relationship with Nikki from "Clonesy" to "Unhappy Anniversary", but they ended up breaking up in order to not spoil the friendship between the gang.However, they got back together in the Season 2 finale, and have been together ever since.Jude is a 16 year old who wears a peach shirt, jean shorts, a black beanie, and blue sneakers.He is an avid skateboarder, and speaks with a strong "skater dude" accent.Despite airing in its most complete form on Cartoon Network, the network unfortunately premiered episodes out of order.For example, Cartoon Network would air a first season episode as a "new" episode, then the next "new" episode would be from Season 3, and the one after that could come from Season 2.

Of these three channels, the most recent and most thorough to air the show was Cartoon Network, which aired all but 24 episodes of the series; those episodes were cut for various censorship reasons.

The mall itself is massive, comprising 936 stores in-universe.

Because the mall is massive and the show is definitively set in Canada, it is theorized that the mall is meant to resemble either the West Edmonton Mall (the largest shopping mall in North America) or the Toronto Eaton Centre (the fifth largest shopping mall in Canada).

After that, he got a job at Gameatorium, where he is in a quasi-managerial position due to a medical incident involving the owner.

Jen is a 16 year old who wears a light purple hoodie and a white skirt with light purple stripes.

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Jonesy has been in several relationships, and suggests that his success at getting dates with women is comparable to Caitlin's success with men.

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  1. They only have small clues to go off of, but they have no choice but to use these clues in order to find Teddy, who has gone missing. Instead of a regular Las Vegas hooker we have, well... Of course it was that but it had something great about the raunchiness of the jokes and the cleverness of the mystery story that unfolds.