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However, by that token, there also aren’t very many Windows viruses these days, either.Viruses have mostly disappeared from the threat landscape.Examples of malware are backdoors that provide access to the computer, spyware that logs keystrokes and captures pictures with the webcam, ransomware that encrypts the user’s files in order to hold them for ransom, and other such nefarious programs. A “big spike” of new Mac malware happened in 2012, when 11 new pieces of malware appeared. Over the last several years, there has been an increasing amount of adware and Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) for the Mac.Adware is software that injects ads into websites where they don’t belong and changes your search engine to a different one.

By this strict definition, there are no Mac viruses.There are many Mac security myths circulating among users.So how can you tell if the advice you’re reading is fact or fallacy? The idea that there are no viruses for the Mac goes back to the beginning of Mac OS X, at the very beginning of this millennium.Add to this the fact that security of Windows has improved over the years as well and it becomes difficult to say which system is more secure.As with other such myths, there’s an element of truth here, though.

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PUPs are programs that are generally unwanted by users.

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