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The fortification's good location and its observation tower made it safe and easy to defend.Rapid development of firearms and increasingly threatening Turkish attacks made additional construction and further fortifying urgently necessary.The castle is today owned by the Republic of Croatia.The castle itself reveals different phases of building.Over the past few years, the castle has once again been undergoing more thorough reconstruction.Description: Proceedings of the International Conference Bronze and Early Iron Age Interconnections and Colte,mporary Dev-elopments between the Aegéan and the Regions of the Balkan Peninsula, Central and Nor...King Maximilian gave the estate to Juraj Drašković (1525–1587) for services rendered, first personally, and then as family heritage.

The end of World War II found Trakošćan in a neglected and dilapidated condition, which is why protective architectural and interior decoration works were immediately undertaken.

Over the next period, several defense facilities were added around it.

At the time, it also had the highest number of inhabitants, as may be seen from the Small Genealogical Tree dating back to 1755.

The reconstruction also included the appearance of Romanticist pleasure grounds by Juraj V. When the dam was built, the valley turned into a large lake.

The uniqueness of style characterizing the facility equally includes the interior and its surrounding landscape.

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