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First success An audition for a new MTV show, “Nick Cannon Presents Wild ‘n Out,” turned into his first series job in 2005, performing on a show that pitted teams of improv actors against each other in comedy games.

Among the mostly African-American cast, Day stood out.

And I remember calling Naughton (soon after) and I was like, ‘Dude, this has 30,000 views, is this normal?

'” To date, the original “David Blaine Street Magic” has 24.6 million views on You Tube; two sequels have a combined 18 million more and a fourth video is in the works.

“I was a little nervous – I mean very nervous – but everyone was so cool,” Day says of the auditions that landed the part.

Then on the show, “I’d be thinking, ‘I’m doing a scene with Molly Shannon, I get to kiss Selma Blair – what is happening!?!

At El Modena High School a few years later, he stuck with it, acting in school plays and getting elected student body president because the student government performed at many school assemblies.

As a theater student at UCLA, Day started writing longer comedies, eventually putting on a trilogy called “Secure the Crown,” a surreal spoof on medieval palace intrigues.

Always come home Earlier this year, Day acted in a main stage show called “Groundlings, In The Study, With The Candlestick,” playing characters including a dim-witted applicant at the Cheesecake Factory, a macho gun-happy cop, a male model with runway difficulties, and a dude who gets totally freaked out at the IMAX show.

After graduating in 2002, he did the typical would-be actor thing: head shots, a manager, and off to endless auditions.

And, like many an actor before him, he struggled for some time, doing tutoring and babysitting to pay the bills, pawning things like his DVD collection to make rent, and tapping the charity of his parents to cover an endless stream of parking tickets.

(If you’re reading this, Miss Lewis, of Panorama Elementary School circa 1990, he’s talking about you.) Their plays, which they were allowed to do in class every few weeks, were usually inspired by people at school who they’d imagine doing all kinds of goofy stuff, Day says.

“We’d have (Miss Lewis) do karate, because it was stupid,” he says.

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