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Remember when going scotch (if from the south), or going down to the smoke (if from the north), was long distance? Recall those companies long gone, where every day was an adventure? When driving a 111 or F89 meant you were truly the king of the road?After RHM was formed the more popular Hovis brand was promoted and Daren faded away.A Rank's 1930s Foden DG, the rear view showing off the robust bodywork fitted to these flour miller's lorries.This Daf was an ex Spillers Tanker, from their Trafford Park Depot & converted to a tipper by its present owners G.Lowdon Ltd Seaton Burn, it was down by David Lowdon, & I hand painted the tipper body for him, Regards Larry.This Foden S21 Spaceship-cabbed lorry was probably an FG,but it still could be one of the other models.

Website: Token Bitcointalk: you don't mind the history lesson gents, but it might clarify things about the thread as it develops. This time a mid-1930s bonneted AEC Matador (the original 4x2 model, not the famous wartime 4x4 Mat.)A mid-1930s Foden masquerading as a loaf of bread.Just another bit of info., until about 1980 Ranks / RHM operated a separate transport company called British Isles Transport, usually abbreviated to B. Daren was a brand of bread made from proprietary Daren wheatgerm flour similar to the original Hovis flour and bread made from it.CWS supplied mainly its own bakeries and local co-op societies and was losing market share, so J. French, who had three mills, took over the remaining CWS mills, and shortly after that Spillers merged with French to form Spillers French milling, which in turn soon reverted to just Spillers, then Spillers itself was later acquired by Dalgety.All the milling companies also had big animal feeds divisions.

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