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He was searched at the Secret Garden festival, near Huntingdon, in July last year, and 191 gas canisters were found in his man bag.

He also had balloons on him and, when his tent was searched, 1,084 more canisters were found.

Chapman had claimed that almost all the canisters were to be used to whip cream in his small catering business.

Abel Tesfay, of no fixed abode, pleaded guilty to possessing Nitrous Oxide with intent in August.

Police found him with 200 canisters of the gas, along with balloons, whilst patroling the perimeter of Brockwell Park, South London, in July.

Armande Bryce, 22, Southwark, was also convicted ofhaving Nitrous Oxide with intent in August.

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It is even widely used in the catering industry as an easy and entirely innocent way of whipping cream, said barrister, Sam Stein QC.

He insisted the canisters, packaged as cream chargers, were for his personal use, but the judge said his mobile phone indicated that he was dealing.

Kenan Buckley (left) and Ryan Egan (right) were both charged with possession of a psychoactive substance with intent to supply at Glastonbury - but their defence QCs successfully argued that the laughing gas cannot be counted as a 'psychoactive substance' and the cases were dropped in August Sonny Chapman, 27, of London, was convicted of two counts of possessing the gas with intent in August.

Hundreds have been arrested and 50 dealers prosecuted and even jailed under the Psychoactive Substances Act since it came into force in May 2016.

In August several prosecutions were dropped over fears the law was too general and laughing gas could be exempt because it also has medicinal and industrial uses.

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Bryce said the canisters in his bag were for his personal use and those found in the tent were not his.

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