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The hard line leader, who has rolled out a ruthless and bloody war on drugs in his country, made the astonishing claim as he visited provinces hit by a devastating typhoon.A man allegedly involved in drug dealing lies dead on the street in Manila More than 6,000 people have been killed in the anti-narcotics drive since he took power, about a third in police operations with the rest still being investigated.'There are so many things that he does that I like,' he said.'Most important to him is the basic welfare of working people.'Meanwhile, he is promising a raft of measures aimed at pleasing wage earners and the poor - including free tuition at state universities and colleges, and free irrigation for rice farmers.At his final presidential campaign rally in Manilla in May, Duterte said: 'Forget the laws on human rights.If I make it to the presidential palace, I will do just as I did as mayor.In Davao, CASE said it documented 132 incidents of children aged 17 and younger who it says died in vigilante-style killings between 19.As president, Duterte has continued to target official corruption.

Many have also been put in crowded jails (pictured)A Davao-based human rights group, the Coalition Against Summary Execution (CASE), has compiled figures showing that death squads in the city were responsible for at least 1,400 documented killings between 19.But while his war on drugs is well advanced, his promised economic reforms have barely started.'He wants to make the Philippines a bigger Davao City,' Jesus Dureza, one of Duterte's closest advisers, said in an interview on the president's plan to boost the economy by eliminating crime and drugs.In Davao, he shamed civil servants on a weekly radio and television program.In Manila, he has publicly humiliated his most outspoken critic, a senator who led an investigation into extrajudicial killings and now faces criminal charges.Duterte is trying to apply to the Philippines, a nation of 101 million people, the same recipe of fear and populism that he employed in his efforts to tame Davao, a city of 1.6 million.

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