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Some common divorce papers in Idaho include the “Family Law Case Information Sheet”, the “Complaint for Divorce (with or without children” and the “Summons With Orders”.If you feel confused by the options available to you, understand that the way you are feeling is common.The private process server will charge a fee, and will give you a document verifying that the papers have been served after your spouse has received them.You will file this with the court to finish the filing process.If you cannot find your spouse, you do have the option of printing a notice of the divorce in a local paper.This option is more expensive than hiring a private process server, so most people only use it as a last resort.These include extreme cruelty, adultery, willful neglect and habitual drunkenness.In a no-fault divorce, you only need to state that there are “irreconcilable differences”.

When you have completed all of your Idaho divorce papers, online or otherwise you will need to print out an original set and make two additional copies of all documents.The forms you use will depend on your situation – like whether you have children or not – and sometimes will depend on the county where you file.It is always a good idea to contact the county clerk in the county where you will be filing to verify that you have the right forms.Unless you have a legal background, you are unlikely to recognize many of the legal terms on these documents, or understand exactly which forms you need to use.At Complete, you can get assistance in choosing the right forms for your circumstances, and you can get assistance in completing your divorce papers correctly online.

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