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What have been the characteristics of the traditional Indian father? A father is a person who is always looked upon as a positive person from the hero’s point of view because we have an Indian tradition of following in your father’s footsteps.

So if the father is good the hero is good and the hero is always good so that means the father should always be good.

We were told to represent the National School of Drama in the auditions and have a nice bath, wear clean clothes, shave, oil our hair… Just to see Richard Attenborough in the flesh—he used to do theatre too and we were in awe of him—was a big high. So I was playing one of the old couple and Raj Babbar was doing some Rajshri film. So I called Raj Babbar and he asked me to turn up at the Rajshri office. Yesterday some people from your office came to see the play and then I got a call.” He said, “You were in the play last night?

When I met him at the Ashoka Hotel I was shivering. I was like, “Yeah 20 is fine, it should be good.” And as I was calculating how much 20,000 rupees was, she took out a wad of notes for 10,000 rupees. Because my father didn’t earn 10,000 rupees in a year. Why were you not considered for the lead more often back then? When I landed up I was shown into a room and it was Rajkumar Barjatya, Sooraj Barjatya’s father’s room. ” I said, “Yes sir.” He asked, “What were you doing in the play? I was aware of it, not much initially because initially there was the thirst of getting into the groove of films, being a part of this cinema world. Refusal would mean that the offers would stop coming, because it’s a small industry and people take offence if you refuse them.

In the second part of that series, we present Alok Nath.Anybody who comes in at an early age, wants to become a star, a hero. In addition you have your family’s baggage: What the hell, you’ve left us! Comedy is not an integral part of an Indian household.When you brush or shave in the morning there’s nobody better looking than you. We don’t laugh too much or too often unfortunately. When I was in school, in the initial stages of theatre, I used to do a lot of comedy in school functions because you are young and your audience is young.He looked me over and seemed to contemplate, as if he was buying a horse or cattle. “Here is an advance and you’re on.” And she made me sign some papers. I went out of the room, kept the money in my pocket, left the hotel, then took the money out and checked if they were real notes. I introduced myself, saying: “My name is Alok Nath. Raj Babbar has asked me to come and meet you.” He said, “(But why)? He has called me all the way from Juhu and he’s not even recognizing me. ” I was on the edge, also reaching the end of my patience. When I was in it, I was doing it with all my honesty.His eyes were piercing into me and I was dying, frankly, because I wasn’t getting any reaction that revealed whether he liked me or not. So I was like, “Madam Dolly…” Dolly was a nice looking young woman, very Westernised. I kept the wad under my armpits and the whole way back I took an auto-rickshaw (I used to travel by bus normally). “Sir I was acting in the play, playing the lead.” He said, “ (But, he was an old man)! The only solace I got was that he must have been looking older than me. By the time I realised no , I think I’m on the wrong bus, I could not change things.

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If the father is bad then there are influences of that in the hero which get corrected during the process of the film. But the father figure is mostly means) a respected person.

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