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These included passages from the Ten Commandments and the Pentateuch, which he prefixed to a code of laws he promulgated.

Alfred is also said to have directed the Book of Psalms to have been translated into Old English.

Daye did publish a Psalter based on the Genevan work in 1560 that was very similar to the 1560 Genevan Psalter, then he published a second edition in 1561 which contained a total of 87 Psalms. London: John Lepard, 1818 (revised by Alexander Campbell for his NT edition, 1826).

This version dropped some of the Genevan additions. This version dropped twenty-three of the fourty-three Psalms added in Geneva. Heavily scuffed but generally sound with two notable exceptions. Another similar edition London: Wightman and Cramp 1827. The Clementine differed from the manuscripts on which it was ultimately based in that it grouped the various prefaces of St.

The Bible handbook, by Thomas Linton Leishman and Arthur Thomas Lewis, 1936 suggests that Egbert had the Gospels translated some time before 709; but if so, this cannot be the same Archbishop Egbert of Trier (d.

993) of the "Egbert Psalter" aka Gertrude Psalter, aka Trier Psalter, ca.

The sole manuscript (Bodleian Library MS Junius 1, far from complete) is thought to be the actual autograph. A modern-spelling edition was published by David Daniell (Yale University Press, 1996) Google books.The paraphrases of Ecclesiastes i-iii and at least Psalm lxxxviii (E1r-F2v) are by Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey.Two of the other minor poems are also printed in 12631.3, another edition of STC 12631--Cf. - Actually edited by John Case; printer's name and suggested range of publication date from STCOne and Fiftie Psalmes of David in English metre, wherof .37. Cf The Text of the New Testament of Iesus Christ: Translated Out of the Vulgar Latine by the Papists of the Traiterous Seminarie at Rhemes : with Arguments of Bookes, Chapters, and Annotations, Pretending to Discouer the Corruptions of Diuers Translations, and to Cleare the Controuersies of These ...Augustine's Abbey or Christ Church, Canterbury or Minster-in-Thanet.Reprint: Kuhn, Sherman M., ed., University of Michigan Press 1995.

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