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Patricia, 67, a former sales assistant for a major high street retailer, used the website to renew her husband’s passport as a ‘surprise’ Christmas present.

It was only when she spoke to the Passport Office that she realised a passport cannot be renewed online and that the £69 she paid was no more than a processing fee for the privilege of uk sending her a printed copy of the form she had filled in online.

You can apply online for a provisional licence (£50), renew a licence (£20, free for those aged 70 and over), get a replacement licence (£20) and make changes to details on your licence such as your address or name (free). Patricia Jones, from Lichfield in Staffordshire, and Dennis Wilkinson, of Sheffield, have also fallen foul of a copycat passport website.

He says: ‘Although I now understand that the service they offered was not for me to receive a licence, it does seem to be way over the top to charge £80 for checking a single page of a form that had no errors.

‘I am glad you are highlighting these websites in your paper.

They are misleading.’ A spokesman for the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency said: ‘is the first stop for all Government services and motorists should be aware that other websites may charge additional fees for providing checking services.’The websites are respectively owned by Who4, Caveat Viator (Latin for ‘let the traveller beware’), Europhealth and again Who4.

Applications made through the Post Office’s Passport Check & Send service cost £81.25 for an adult and £54.75 for children.

Premium and fast-track services are also available.

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