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Do you think his bouncing around from team to team later in his career hurts the voter's perception of him?Or should I put my faith in winning the Powerball jackpot instead?Not having a full-time DH gives your lineup more flexibility.Now, as to the particulars of the Any rough assessment of Kenny Williams' offseason so far?He's also not so productive that you wouldn't mind seeing him skip a few PAs against lefties.(Steven Goldman) as a Hall of Famer based on his supposedly glorious defense.Click here for a free card so you can see what's missing.We're largely speculating -- so things shouldn't be taken as gospel or pre-ordained -- but it seems the potential is massive.I think it's very unfortunate that he won't stay on the ballot.

We married in my dream location, on the beach in mexico in february of 2010, and love and appreciate each other more than ever.Some are happy tales, while others have not-so-happy endings.Com in 2007, and we just celebrated our fifth anniversary in june. success stories love at first click i met my love on okcupid.We married on june 7, 2008, on the end of a jetty at wells beach, maine, (he picked the spot out) with two friends who stood up for us: a retired cop friend of mine who married us and a photographer. This is still a pretty nice player; Jones was on a Hall of Fame trajectory before he fell off the cliff.(Mike Gianella)I haven't seen him, so all my thoughts will be filtered through the perspective of the Prospect Team and various scouting reports that I have read on other sites.

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(greg from San Diego, CA) once pitched well and when asked why, he said "I don't know.

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