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In Dojo 1.1 the Combobox was updated so that JAWS 9 will speak “editable combo” when the Combobox gets focus.However, there are some issues reading the highlighted choice.See screenshot: You can click here to know how to enable the Developer tab in Excel. Draw a Combo Box in your worksheet and right click on it.Then select Format Control from the right-clicking menu. In the Format Object dialog box, click the Control tab, and do the following operations: 3.1 Select the range with values you need to display in the drop-down list in the Input range box; 3.2 In the Cell link box, specify a linked cell for the Combo Box; 3.3 Then enter the certain drop down lines you want to display in the drop-down list in the Drop down lines box. Whenever the oj validation is ran, the value changes from the correct value to the label. How should I be retrieving the value after validation is done?If you modify this example with the code below, you can see what happens to the current value Cookbook.html?The unified architecture can get its data from various places such as databases and web services.

As the user types, partially matched values will be shown in a pop-up menu below the INPUT text box.For Combo Box widgets, only the OPTION’s child text node is used as both the submit value and the displayed value.To set the default value when using OPTION tags, specify the JAWS 8 and Window-Eyes 6 may fail to read an option when it becomes highlighted.Hello , I am using validator config for one of the combobox in my form and it has a save button bound to it too , so in case if validation fails 'Save' would be disabled.Problem is i am always gettign the validator executed but few of the times it doesnt mark the combobox as invalid and neither will provide the error message but Save will be disabled !

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