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The article assumes you are familiar with Web Data Grid component. Select the new field in the Selected Fields list 1.5.1. In the grid’s Properties window, switch to the Events view  Approach for the Web Hierarchical Data Grid is generally the same, although configuring for child bands requires you to add settings and apply the logic in scope of a child band.

If you are not, consider the starting point at this . Set Data Format String to (your value will vary depending on needs) 1.5.2. Decimal (your value will vary depending on needs) 1.5.3.

The editor providers allow developers to edit a particular column through a given control. Enable Column Resizing Behavior  Same for parent grid Copyright © 2003-2011 Infragistics, Inc. All you need to get it working is to go to the smart tag of the control and select Behaviors, then enable the Row Editing Template and click apply. Ajax: Load on Demand (Manual) Web Data Grid Web Hierarchical Data Grid Not Implemented Achieving Load on Demand requires you to first bind to the top-level data source in Page_Load, and then the child-level data on during Row Islands Populating event. Set Location equal to the location on the page of the indicator 1.2.3. Note: See the Ajax: Load on Demand (Automatic) section for Ajax interactions Copyright © 2003-2011 Infragistics, Inc. Version Columns: Hidden Columns Web Data Grid Web Hierarchical Data Grid 1. Once you’ve enabled RET(Row Edit Template) you can double click on the row selector for a particular row and experience it. Here I will show you how the server operations are handled and data are saved into the data store which is XML file in our case. The code looks like this: In this handler I update the xml file with the newly added record. Data Grids are vital controls in many user interfaces. protected void Page_Load(object sender, Event Args e) protected void Web Hierarchical Data Grid1_Row Islands Populating(object sender, Infragistics. Set Relative To Control to determine if the location is relative to the grid or the page  Same Note: The grid must have the Enable Ajax property set to True for the Copyright © 2003-2011 Infragistics, Inc. Version loading indicator to work properly. Purpose Web Data Grid (WDG) has the capability to update the Data Source automatically if Auto GRUD property of Editing Core is set to true. This is a technique used by developers to persist all changes made in the grid UI to the Data Source by their own custom code. Grid Record Item unbound; Grid Record Item bound1; Grid Record Item bound2; int index Of Unbound = 4; int index Of Bound1 = 3; int index Of Bound2 = 2; unbound = e. In this article I will go through the steps required to get WDG involved in Manual Crud scenario. Implement the logic for your unbound field in the Row Initialized event handler Creating an Unbound Column The following code implements the logic for a total column which multiplies price by quantity.

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