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In case a phone is lost, users can block access to the ID by resetting their 8-digit PIN, according to the report.

Melinda Gates, the co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, launched Pathways for Prosperity, a commission on technology and inclusive development in Nairobi, Kenya.

The technological innovations that the commission is investigating is at a nascent stage in Kenya, however.

More At the recent Health Tech O2O conference in Hong Kong, it was clear that Hong Kong has the potential to be a healthcare innovation hub -- but that it still has a long way to go to fulfilling that potential.

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Another feature, the heat map, is an indispensable tool in such an overpopulated country as China as it shows crowd density.Enterprise We Chat One feature introduced for work purposes, companies and business communications, is supposed to help employees draw a line between their work and private life.The app can ask your colleagues to clock in for you to show that you were at work or to ask for time off.READ MORE: 'Seeing' World in a New Light: FB Facial Recognition Helps Visually Impaired The trial of the app began on December 25, and so far more than 30,000 citizens have registered to receive their We Chat ID cards a day after the launch, Xinhua added.According to the Chinese media outlet, there are two versions of the ID card: a “lightweight edition” for citizens who just need to prove their identity, and an “upgraded version” for when stricter authentication is required such as registering a business. China’s Ministry of Public Security has already announced a mass crackdown on online platforms stealing and selling personal information such as state personal ID numbers, which has become a pressing issue in the country. ranks well below its international peers like Alphabet Inc., Twitter Inc., and Facebook Inc. Having realized the gravity of the problem, the company is introducing this update in an attempt to prevent online identity theft.

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