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- It doesn't tell you which flags you got right or wrong. Installed-Size: 128 Architecture: i386 Version: 2.1.1-4 Depends: libc6 ( 4.1.0) Description: A minesweeper game that looks very similar to the Windows version.

To win, you have to clear the field without touching a mine.

commanding officer, two stewards, a stoker and an able seaman – all of them former merchant seamen serving as naval reservists or under temporary (T 124) naval articles – were drowned, and five others were injured.

You will always be able to play your favorite games on Kongregate.

My Review: It's a neat idea, but a bit too boring looking for my taste. (see more screenshots: hexagon board, triangle board) - Only 3 levels of difficulty, you cannot customize it further.

- When you use more difficult levels the numbers stay the same size so it's difficult to read.

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