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Yet by night, after she’s logged off her computer and changed out of her work clothes, she puts on her ceremonial robes and becomes Laura the witch.

Although Laura is an out-andproud witch she likes to keep her two worlds separate.“I never reveal to clients that I’m a witch,” says Laura, 36, from Glastonbury.

Choose your candle’s colour according to what you wish to manifest.

For health use a red candle, abundance is green, career is gold and love is pink.

“We either meet in one another’s houses or outside if it’s not too cold and cast spells to help people and celebrate the eight Pagan Sabbats.

After passing the course she was invited to join her first coven in London at the age of 23.

The group was run by an experienced High Priest and Priestess and was made up of professionals who worked in the NHS, advertising and education.“I was nervous before my first meeting, which took place in some nearby woodland just after sunrise on a February morning.

“It’s not appropriate to talk about Paganism when people want to discuss their advertising logo.”“Wicca is a nature-based religion and this well-known book taught me how to work with the four elements: earth, air, fi re and water,” she says.

“It also showed me how to work with the Goddess, which is the Wicca name for feminine energy.“I was brought up as a Christian, which is a very male-orientated religion, so to suddenly have access to this gentle, nature-focused religion that is Goddess-based was wonderful.”After reading the book, Laura did an online Wiccan course over six months which taught her about magical spells, the Pagan Sabbats and moon rituals.

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5) Let the candle burn down or blow it out and repeat the spell over several nights until the candle is finished.

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